Little Lives is a childrens charity based in Edinburgh, Scotland which makes local and worldwide efforts to raise money for childrens health services. Little Lives began with two paediatric physicians, Jasneek Chawla and Joanna Brockman.Working directly in the field allows Jasneek and Joanna to see where resources are short and where money can be best used to reach children directly. As of 2014 Little Lives became divided as Jasneek moved to Australia and Joanna became a mother. Despite the setbacks, my partner Mikaela Ekebom and I saw the division as an opportunity to rebrand and expand Little Lives.







 All illustrations and visual elements were created to be round, soft, and child friendly to suggest the intent of the charity as well as make an inviting and playful atmosphere. Littles Lives is not about the economic disparity of the regions it aids and the children it affects, it is about the successes of the charity and the positive impact it has on these regions and the children.







In order to market the charity more effectively Mikaela and I suggested a partnership with the Band-Aid brand. Large established brands like Band-Aid are very open to charity collaborations. This helps Little Lives by creating a new and fun outlet for fundraising, a way to advertise, as well as associating the charity with an established and trusted brand.