"D.&E Green Enterprises utilizes its customized EcoRecho stove to tackle Haiti’s chronic deforestation and the human health issues that result from the use of charcoal as a primary source of cooking fuel. Haiti has the highest child mortality rate due to respiratory illnesses in the Western Hemisphere and deforestation for charcoal production has reduced tree cover from 63% in 1923 to 1.5% today. Poor governance and lack of infrastructure make access to a more environmentally friendly energy source in the near future unlikely. The recent earthquake makes the outlook bleaker. As an immediate response to these challenges, D&E has introduced efficient cooking stoves to the Haitian market..."


New branding and packaging was needed for the EcoRecho project in order to popularize the stove and compete against other charcoal stove manufacturers within Haiti. The goal for the packaging was to reduce waste, create eye-catching designs differentiating the product from competitors as well as reflecting Haitian culture, while making the product legible and universal for a population with low literacy.







        Haiti's main industries consist of textile making and traditional image printing such as silk-screening. With this in mind, the design of the package should incorporate these industries to minimize reliance on foreign industries and maximize local growth and opportunity. 

        The design - a long cotton scarf - wraps around the belly of the stove. Instructions and branding are silk screened using the hand-drawn method.